To Love a Whimsical Heart

I saw the storm long coming

And thought I will enjoy

The tingling on the windows

The calling of the void


calmly I embraced

A blast so hard it shook

my walls and roof to their foundation

And there the calm was took


Did I, in stupid faith

Believe my house could stand

A storm so strong, so whimsical

It turns all stone to sand?


But I believe in time

And that this storm will pass

And after rain, will come the sun, 

 - my time to pray and `fess. 


Confess that storms don’t frighten

This silly, stupid heart 

My house has stood them hurricanes

Some floods and their departs. 


Call them burglars, looters, tricksters - 

My god I’ve seen them all

And still my house stands strong as ever

my trees stand proud and tall. 


I saw your storm long coming

your thunder and your light

And though you caused some havoc here

I said I wouldn’t fight


I wouldn’t shut the door

And windows weren’t covered

In fact I took my seeing glass

the storm, he is my lover. 


I saw him tremble, flood and light

The distant and the close

he was confused as where to rest

forgot it's me he chose. 


My heart, my house - all open

come in my beloved storm

I know you will live inside me

since that's where you were born.