This Fist is Here for Healing

As if the lovers weren’t enough
The lost 
The past 
The long forgotten

Those who ghosted, hurt and scarred

As if those beings weren’t enough to leave a trace on a wounded heart

And now this muscle aches in spontaneous rhythms

Breaking news
Breaking news
Breaking heart

Martin’s work, Rosa’s word, Mama's pains, 
Nelson’s time, Anne’s loss - weren’t they enough?

Weren’t they enough to teach that fear is the worst teacher?
Weren’t their arms long enough to hug even the hardest of children?

And children they are 
Ripe for a hard lesson to be taught

When the pain becomes too much to bare
I think of healing 
And I take pain as my teacher
Soothe soothe soothe


Those words… too harsh - hush

Hush for a moment and remember what’s good
Holding someone’s hand as tight as you can
And raising your fist

Now raise it

Raise it higher

raise it so high you'll feel your shoulders split from the rest of your body

raise your fist so high every muscle in your body - from the thumb clutched against your fingers to your pinky toe on the ground, know that this fist is raised.

And it's then when past lovers are where they belong
and breaking news matter no more.

You are the healer just right now.

Keep fighting. Keep healing.

To all my sisters and brothers.

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