of course I want to show you my poetry

but you haven't asked. 


I have caught you staring at me

trembling in desire or heart twitches

and yet you haven't asked


and it's through these twisted words you'll see me

like through the looking glass

but it seems you don't want to learn and study

the composition of these bones


allow me to expand:

(and this time it won't be a muscle

but 206 unbroken units make a 100 per cent)

watch out for callous knees, loricate through endeavours

nervous fingers, firm hands

and a tongue too quick for its own good. 


The weight I carry ain't mine

but has been dumped on me 

and I try to shed those old skins

for the peace of mind. 


That poetry you read

that's just a thought

I've been slow at times and harsh in others

and honest is mostly the seat I drive

but here you stand

mute in answers

and one cruel chill follows the other

a person deaf for words

will never read a poem

the way a poem should be read


and a heart without room

cannot let me live in it

so this poem ain't for you

that poem ain't fo' nobody.  

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    But im just saying (Mittwoch, 09 November 2016 06:30)

    This blog is truly extraordinary in all aspects.