human's magic, only lies in fraction by their wit

in grim and grey their sorrows are painted

and low the self esteem is told to fake it

until they make it and boom their light is lit


but inner giants sleep deep nightmarish slumbers

afraid to look and test their limbs on trees and hills

challenge the sun for blisters or glaciers for cold chills

it's their fear of failure that encumbers


but I dare to doubt a giant's fear of waking

it's their mortal human skin, that puts them into sleep

and lingers like a stalker, is awkward like a creep

waiting for the giant's dormant aching to be enough heartbreaking


for their human skin to crumble and uncage this sleeper there

wakes them, shakes them, wants to see the giant stand

and the human is so desperate, it ain't going as they planned

but the giant's illiterate, untrained, unskilled in fight and care


and it is then when human's magic will come into the play

to teach the giant how to stand within a human skin

so sorrows won't be painted in colours of grey and grim

using wise the lessons learnt of life, love and decay



work in progress


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