you help me healing by being cruel

So apparently t’is possible and not just a myth

That a man says he loves you when going for a kiss

And his limbs are entangled like a sailor’s knot with yours

T’is later when he rambles “My heart's shifted with a force”


Then your heart feels gripped by sad and dump and shock

Weren’t those his lips that said “I will be your rock”

A rock that rolled that’s what you are and caused a fucking avalanche

That buried me including heart  now I wish upon you sweet revenge


And I will do what all girls do when their heart's been played by fools

Get a doll and use voodoo to cast a spell over the moon

A spell that casts so far it shines covered in stardust through the night

A shooting star is what you'll see that makes you wish you're back with me 

And makes you kick your sorry ass for letting doubt creep into you

and that is when I realised you do deserve your solitude


For what it's worth you showed your face no pretty colours to be found 

I've dug so deep into myself, completely root out this little love

and what I've found must be the path, intended when I first met you

to follow steps within myself, ignite, enforce, enlighten truth. 

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