make dari more alive

half a grenade it was

pink in colour and small in shape

I've been walking through thick honey all day

and thought that laughter was never farther

from my lips

and freedom was taken from my lungs

clenched by memory

you're a stone

you take the crown from all assholes that ever crossed my path

my path that loves life, loves laughter

and I have met many assholes

that thought being nice equals kindness

go to a dance with old friends

that hold you tight and tell you you're safe

when suddenly the dance is easier

and the music runs through your veins

they say all is good, all is good

but you look around and all you can see 

is a crowd of sad people, that need this dance

to feel alive

and all you want is be home, held close

you don't want to need this

it's the loudest, most freeing laughter that escapes

followed by the clearest, most honest tears

our skins touch in this vast ocean 

all connected yet all alone

in which kindness is the only key 

to survive and heal from this experience

but you can't give any kindness

and this little grenade, all it does

is take away the pain for a few hours

allow to live the vastness of my heart

I don't know if I can forgive you

but I need to forget you

so please lobotomise me

take away this memory that made me feel so loved

wash away every molecule that carries your scent

remove every sweetness that came from your tongue

there's no honour in you

no clarity, no courage

there's no path in you

no creativity, no love

for you is the one that denied all the beauty

of learning together, of loving each other

rejecting a heart that was accepting of your flaws

feeling privileged to witness 

your growth, your decay

Be careful what you wish for

and I hope your wish will be granted

and the song of solitude is the only one you'll know

from now until forever

for people to see far quicker than me

your true self

And I hope you writhe in your shame

when clarity comes back to you

when the place next to you is empty and cold

and you realise

it is not the bed

it is you. 

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