you're one shitty mathematician

your equation doesn't add up

subtracting emotions and love from your life

will not only give you what you wish for

it will retrocede you into a fragile, unprenetable bubble of you

and that bubble will consist 

of rejection to grow

rejection to be vulnerable 

rejection to truly experience the beauty of sharing oneself

with the world

with the one you love

your equation doesn't add up

you forgot to add that I breathe and think

you forgot to remember all the special signs 

that made us unique in the way we functioned

your equation doesn't add up

no logic will portray 

the shatters of the hearts you left behind

in your selfconsumed 

self loathing ways

your equation is not bound to any logic

by which we humans must abide

that is to learn

to love

to laugh

and to forgive 

you are so small and yet you took it all with you

all the love I had accumulated like a hamster in my heart

all the openness I was willing to decorate our home with

your equation truly sucks

it broke down all the barriers

and left a city in ruins

while I walk through the gravel 

and think

what the fuck were you thinking?

as it seems that in all that logic

and rationality 

and equations you seek

you didn't think at all.