Sweet words only slip your lips

when your limbs are locked with mine
Like a python choking its prey 

breath after heavy breath you say

we are all there, we are all near

all what lonely ears wish to hear
But when your limbs are close to you

and out of air you seem all blue

as if the choking was done to you

all sweetness is forgotten

and your back rises high
like an unclimbable mountain lying by my side

that throws its shadow far into me

and darkens every thought

and I feel like a bird -clipped wings -  that just has been caught

breathe love, climb with care, 

while I go swim in my sea

the fresher air will clear your lungs and your view to me

there will be no python no more, 

and no promises made when you're entangled with me

and no snake will be choking and making bodies sore

for what I wish are wings that make climbing nil

that lift us up and make us free

And free I wish to be with you

my lover, friend, best fitting shoe

that takes me on a laughing quest

of jokes and depth and peaceful rest

of tender care and loving home

of travelling bird's and nomad's roam

and tickly, giggly, fuzzy joy

though you're a man, I love you boy. 

I lie in still and stiff and send a wishful thought

that this mountain you have risen

ain't nothing but a rogue

and soon it'll crumble into crumbs of sweetest cake

that tastes so good, it heals all wounds and turns the heart to shake

and leaves the space, between two bites, for sweeter words, as well

that enter free and willingly into each of my heart's cells.  

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