take it as it comes and leaves

the case has closed and so have I

to reason with this stupid life

the breaks are numb and past has shown

that I am no one worth to know

your skin is like a morning glow

that thaws the secret love I grow

and yet to touch is seems too far

my neighbour, closest friend you are

a play and laugh a childish hug

my jealous stupid brain's a thug

and undeclared I will remain

unrequited once again

my friend you broke the holy grail

I kissed, and failed and yet you bail

my words could not be clearer now

no matter what- friendship's the vow!

and stupid is this poem here

for words I say you will not hear

and pass elusive on to me

silence is your favourite deed. 

My back's been stabbed by honesty

that I have brought just on to me

I want to shout your coward name

but then I'll shout to me the same. 

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    Umbrella (Mittwoch, 29 April 2015 15:59)

    Sounds like a guilty love for a friend. An affair?
    Seems alright writing.