the Beatles are much better than you thought

I know a sorry doesn't change

what has been done or has been said

yet here I am, in thought, in cringe

and I send a spell to y'all, memories

forgive, forgive, forgive. 


I know I have been unkind

and have spoken just to cause hurt

thrown tantrums when a NO was the answer

to a question I have asked

insulting, insensitive, inquisitive.


And in good intention I labelled

a world, to make it a better place

thought of myself as free, as simple

and now I see, I was an ass.


To all my loved ones, and who were once loved

to those I shrugged off in arrogance

to the ones who ran, the ones who stayed, the ones who lingered

my eternal love, my gratitude

my realisation is for you. 


I am not as smart as I thought I was

and not as good or brave or light

I am not the seed of a shining star

a lover, a friend, a passenger

so much to learn, too much to do. 


This here is just a thought

but it comes and goes on every day

when I read the news, when I speak to them

my friends, my peers, my loved ones

and I look at them and see them grow

I see them rise within themselves

and I wonder which turn I've missed

that so many regrets seem to have grown instead

who am I now?


"Don't look while I am fixing"

no longer works

help me growing

give me a word, a fix, a pep you name it

your time, your care, your thought

are valued now and ever

I thought I'd grow alone

but I just need a little help from my friends. 

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