oh boy, you've tangled me up into your maze of trick and cheat

here a blame, there a little love, but unbalance sowed the seed

t'is the last word you get, and yes, I might break that one, too

but eye to eye no longer works, when sorry's lost the new

admittedly, I am confused, and soft a kiss will make me turn

but hard are voice and sound it makes, to make my stomach churn

my love was small and tender but withered in the race

I cannot keep the words I said, I cannot lit the blace

forgive me heavy lover, for I know you meant all well

but loving you was most the time comparable with hell. 


for now I have outcared, for now I cannot stay

as all the steps you need to make are out of my own way

too long the doubt has lingered and grown a thicker skin

no longer can I seek to please the offspring of your whim

I know you will be better, and maybe we will cross 

for now I will no longer hope nor grief the pain of loss.


Here is the note long-needed, a charm for wiser times

reminds me that your sweetest words are conning verbal crimes 

for every time you're sorry, I know you truly are

but twisted love is poisonous for any persons heart

I'll cherish our best but build an altar for the ill

reminder of the time it takes to nurse me back to well

please take no harm dear lover, the wounds will heal, be sure

what kills you not, scar it becomes, path taken to the cure. 

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