I had a day dream filled with giggles and wonder

of a look that says: I love your soul

yet I didn't know - until a few lifetimes ago

that the thing I most desire, is the one which frightens me. 


I have dreamed so often, of this one and perfect friend

and had them in my heart, but let them go again.

There, you flew your flag, seemed unafraid

claimed that luck will be from now on fate


Time is no-one's friend, but no captive is taken

no need to defend, what isn't mistaken-

The flow will carry - due its own time

no rush, no haste, no hassle is fine.


I am tired of dreaming, and ready to wake

shake me when you're ready, but please don't wait

for a signal given by some unknown force

we chose this fate, we steer the course. 


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