true idiot

I've had you all you silly boys

saw you enchanted, confused, attracted by law

I am quite weird you say - but cute in a way.

Too often I am bored, desperate looking for fun

fantasising with Disney's tale of the one - 

I thought I found "you", and filled the gaps

the needs I have and made them lacks-

accepted with fate and worse with reality.

See, the idiot is clearly me!


An imbecile of hope and motion pictures

but accepted pain as the only teacher

lingering voices, ceasing their chant

might have forgotten what they originally meant

make a decision, truth-borne and from within

make love, make truth one of your kin.


I've seen you all you silly men

grown and strong and soft by touch

melted by gaze "I love you so much". 

But wonder strikes me, once and often too

I wonder if those words might be true.

if you haven't wandered, built and fought

nomad warrior, with a thought.

This love might just be foolish gold

uncanny value, easily sold - 

I have no use for such affiliate

that's why I am the true idiot. 

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