and especially not when drunk!

It is not hard to find love

but I haven't seen it around much 

too many books, too many songs, too many poems and picture

it is always love

the mysterious, untouchable, 

eternal kind

all great moments held in a few million pixel

look at me

look at me

now please don't look 

come back in a few weeks time when I found love again

so much stage

so much attention

I wonder if love requires such exposure

if love is nothing but a cheesy picture

or my envy when they hold hands and giggle into each other's necks

holding hands being a unit

this unit which seems just simpply to be

I wonder if so much stage demolished

this altar I was tought love should be

that I imagine my unit descending from the screen into my heart

the place of detail and silence crumbles away 

with applause

when the curtains lift

and standing ovation when the curtains close

love is not hard to find

but surely it won't wait on a stage

surely it will have flaws and a hair in weird places

surely it will be silly when tired and grumpy when hungry

surely it will drink once too much and apologise for the mess

surely it will not wait for me to breathe so it can breathe too

surely it will question my actions and scold when I am wrong

look at me

look at me

look at us

a unit is a unit when it decides to be

love will come, as it will also find me!

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    ftk (Montag, 20 Januar 2014 18:57)

    I come back to this site from time to time, for what ?
    I dont know. It seems you are still somewhat fascinating to me.
    I will do something I have not done in 6 or 7 years, I will write a poem.
    This one is for you Dari:


    You never seem to change,
    yet you changed so much from when I first met you,
    You were young, you were wild, and I was dumb and a child
    What was this feeling back then ?
    Was it love, was it lust, or just an adolescent crush ?

    You came and I fled, for I had regrets.
    One of knowing you, one of not knowing me.
    I went on and left you behind, with a bitter taste in my mouth.

    Let me tell you this o Dari Julie, you were once part of a dream, a fantasy.

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    da (Freitag, 24 Januar 2014 15:07)

    who is this?

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    ftk (Donnerstag, 27 Februar 2014 02:10)

    A shadow from the past,
    a fighter past his prime,
    a monster once, but still from time to time.
    You cant have forgotten about me,
    for I am undefeated in good looks and sexappeal.
    I am as smart as I am funny,
    I wish that was true,
    nothing beats sweet 17, when i was still a fool.
    A fool Ive been,
    but happy for one,
    17 that was you ,
    and I was one plus one.
    Solve this riddle, and you might know who I am,
    the answer lies in numbers , 4 is the gem.

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