no cape, no encomium

in present we grasp

the hero we think

the greatness compelled 

by strength. 


I don't claim courage

for the man in camouflage

that fights children in gowns

a language he doesn't speak

a god he doesn't know. 


My heart won't skip a beat

for the man living in plenitude

thy generosity is not god-given

decency is no feat to be applauded 

simple gratitude suffices. 


The hero rots in prisons

stands on the street day by day

plants, kneels, reaches, stands

the hero will not have shiny teeth

a brilliant smile

a pretty face. 


No hymn will be sung to praise their name

he survived, she survived, they spoke out

they held a hand when no hand would have reached

they smiled, and called, and saved when neglect had  reigned. 

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