the only door in need to be opened

A gift has been given, thousand by thousand brains

immaculate brilliance, haven't taught in vain

thy love thy thought thy hope thy god

truth's been sought, truth's been sowed

truth's been grown, truth is we're not alone

they yield in awe, still, some deny

and hold on to the written lie

that we're perfection, or somewhat unique

that we're to judge , or hold a grudge

and fuel with arm, and kill'em such 

as if they were worth less!

forgot what we are, organic beings made out of star






do not scold the genital for being such a flirt

in the end it's what you're made by, not a pile of dirt.

Unfortunate! your target is the aim

to gain shame, fame or win the game

but truth is they're all the same

confusing you, arresting you, tying you, tiring you.

we all grow tired, to compare and contrast

putting truth last

I can't rest in silence, and commit to non-violence

my word is my fist, no sorry if it hits

right into your set of belief

and you might go through the stages of grief.

we're made out of water, carbon, and air 

elements discovered, through nature's flair

we're all made out of the same, some with less, some with more 

of: whatever, you can chose

and that's probably the only distinction we could abuse

because some are fat or skinny or strong

and even if you're smart, sometimes you'll be wrong

some of us sleep like babies while some of us can't

and some of us stand on stages and have poetry rants

some think they're young forever and regret in their age

that they never paused to contemplate the cage 

our mind has created,  in service of protection

locked you into a closet of pride and perfection.

You're wrong, you're always so wrong

and you keep on singing that same old song

I have nothing against them, but....

whatever you think, do not continue this thought

it'll only expose the darkest of your grace

I know it hurts to open those doors and to face 

the demons, the world, the shadows you thought

had successfully outrun! 

but once you step out of the closet, it's just the beginning of fun!

Trust me, trust yourself

you're greater than you think, once you let honesty sink

into all the dimensions of your beautiful self

and say: I want to be kinder! then everybody wants to help

because kindness is the key, to that ominous door called love

for you, and what you are, a bundle made out of dust and scars

as so am I, and her, and him, all the creatures, our planet, our universe

all good things come to an end, while we end in a  hearse

we're not long enough here, to understand it all

but a thousand by thousand brains made the call

it is time to think, to read, to embrace the awe

and respect that nature is the only law. 

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