overstayed welcome

My walk is bouncy and I sing to myself

and when I sing I sing to you

but you start that song and the beat goes on

I envy you

I was the one to leave, involuntarily 

the moment when you said I am free

I was in truth, and care was far from me

I envy the smooth path you've paced

abundant in nature, in new, in exciting 

saturated in laughter, poor in grim

and somwhere in between I bounced in

and you bounced out

too far my heart - too long that time

and still you kiss me, pushed to wall

dance till sweat, catch my fall

in time it grew

I envy you.

All this time I thought I could

and it comes true, they say you snooze

maunder, nap, languish in youth

and lost it is, shed and gone

trailed off down those paths you've paced

I envy myself for wandering, laze

I thought I had it all

dance till sweat, hard's the fall

and still you'd hold me, a hug among friends

I thought I was free, but now I pretend

if she only knew, 

how damn much I envy you. 

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