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I have not been keeping up with my target of poetry writing, which makes me feel very sad and asahmed. I haven't allowed myself the rest and leisure to let my mind roam for a while and catch come new thoughts and inspiration, but have been hastily taking new turns in my life and new exciting decisions which have been consuming me entirely. 


So what happened? I am going to tell those few who might actually in their midnight boredome wonder. 


In April I had to rewrite my whole dissertation, as my tutor decided 2.5 weeks before due date that I had produced a pile of intellectual blurr i.e. BS - which forced me to gather all my hidden superpowers, live of highly dense vitamin and mineral food and extremely little sleep to finish this forceps delivery "On time". I am writing "on time" as I actually never truly finished, but "finished" 1.5 hours before deadline and wouldn't have been able to do so without the great help of my friends. 


May was a plough of last essays to write, all with the little remains of my brain which my dissertation benevontly left. In all honesty it wasn't much, and I was certain I wouldn't be able to graduate with more than an embarassing mark. But oh well. I was tired. I was exhausted. And I was in hospital. Oh wait, that's June. 


June was, as I said, 1 day hosital and 1 week recovery and packing up my stuff and being unsure what the next step would be. And there was the Underground Market II as well. And a sad attempt to discover the last uninteresting bits in Portsmouth. And more recovery and the diagnosis that my overies had decided to explode... ish. My doctors can't really decide what I have, but I have it. 


July? July was a rather spontaneous flight to Mexico and there I stayed with little interruptions in Guanajuato, Mexico City, Monterreal, Monterrey, and Playa del Carmen. It was good but not really productive, unless you find learning how to play Elephant Gun by Beirut to be productive. 

This went on till midst of August, where I came back to Switzerland to be harshly put into the real life and infront of the rather uncomfortable task of deciding what to do with myself. 


So yeah, that happened and I first half heartedly applied to the University of Manchester for  MSc. Pretty fance for just half-heartedly doing so. And the more I was thinking about it, the more I really wanted it. Bam, well, I am writing now from Manchester - the rainy city - which is am unfair name, I have been here for 3 weeks and it has only rained 3 times or so. 


So now I am super excited and pretty scared to start this great journey I am already 3 weeks in. I can now use all the best of focus and luck vibes, as I have missed a lot of study time due to househunt and later stress-related illness. But this will be all ok, I know it. I am doing what I dreamed of, and paving further and further the path to my dream job one day. 



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    Jan (Samstag, 19 Oktober 2013 14:43)

    ich verstehe leider nicht immer ganz was du hier so schreibst (schlechtes englisch) aber dennoch möchte ich mal einen Kommentar hinterlassen:

    Hey ich lese ab und an was du so schreibst! Habe ein wenig den Eindruck, dass dein Blog nicht von vielen gelesen wird..


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    Digital Silk Road 2013 Relationships (Mittwoch, 12 März 2014 11:26)

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