oh this stupid silly honesty has brought me to my knees

I am noone you like but I might be someone you love

as I am who you are and wished to be

a vessel just like them and barked like a tree

a beggar, a runner, a peasant in the sun

a truth you thought was long time gone

Too honest this heart, and writhe in regret

too often have I said what I shouldn't have said

too often I stretchd to get a grasp of your hand

sand turns to cement and becomes this heart

a muscle of stone, melted once and went hard

A lion, tinned scion, a man made of straw,

I thought we're all perfect but covered in flaws-

we've listed the missings, but action is rare

I am someone like you, and pretend not to care

unperfect in truth, and playing unfair . 


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