a syllable

You saw my struggle, felt how I tried to retrieve

I drank too much, could barely hold on my feet

I whispered no, when you grabbed me

In heat ripped of my dress

I just bought it last week, then you kissed my chest

Please stop, no please. And naked you were

So young and pretty, my rapist in a blur

Please don't hate me... but...but I said no!

I thought we could make love a few hours ago.

Stabbing throb, you're on your way

To come, to burst, humiliate.

Is this what you are a rapist by name-

Or a dumb boy just playing a game?

It might have been whispered, but still a no

I pretended to sleep, so you might let go.

My body's a temple, mutiny its prayer

I died there, bit by bit, layer by layer.

I find it hard to talk, my throat, it strikes

When I think of one among a thousand nights.

Today I'd scream, I'd kick my way out

Back then I was young, didn't know what it is about

That no one is just desire and lust and heat

That respecting yourself is respecting me.

One syllable, you make your choice

Love your life and use your voice.


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