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  all you silly boys!


Stretch your muscles, prove me wrong
you're my kind of prey in a pop song
put on repeat and writhe in pride
ouch that was my ego, and it died.


oh dear heavens! what have I done?

A month pretending to love someone

solitude truly is one awful trait

might transpire hope but mostly hate!


I pretended to be prey and it was okay

a girl's heart beats sometimes in different ways

you wish to protect me? that's one shiny knight!

but I should have told you that I know how to fight!


You might be strong and turned out weak

you might be fun but bored within a week

you are so kind but ignite no spark

I'm bored my love, bored from the heart.


I've seen you all you silly boys

strong or smart or kind or toys

one trait is good but not enough

for me to like you and one day love. 

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