it didn't kill

their whisper and giggles, a finger pointed at me

I didn't know that my rucksack wasn't fashionably

I begged for months, there where home used to be

and now, Mom, they're making fun of me!


I said something funny, at least 'tis what I thought

cruel was their laugh, while with tears I fought

They hurt me bad, when noone's there

they push'n pinch'n punch'n swear!


I try to fit in, Mom, I try so hard

but day by day they keep on breaking my heart

I'm the last one they choose and  pretend not to care

but when we play games, they never play fair.


Is it my height? My hair? My voice? My face?

My clothes? My Bag? My pencil-case?

What can I change, what shall I do?

To be a part of that damn group!


I'm tired of trying to fit in and be strong

I can't feel home somewhere I don't belong

one day, perhaps, soon will it be

I can celebrate just being me.


and here I stand, alive and safe

I didn't have to play the brave

I guess, Mom, you were not that wrong,

what didn't kill just made me strong.

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