the eggplant justification

Adulthood : Amended.


I sought for greater words

describing time

as it passes.

They do smell like grown-ups

fusty when out of bed

wine finds itself in glass

no more random cracked mugs. 

you say you love me

when we see each other

once in eternity

the wine made you soft

only wine makes soft

what others shaped into form

all is norm norm is all

my heart is bored

to discuss, debate, elaborate

tiptoeing around hipocrisy.

Once I did wrong and got punished for it

nowadays I buy eggplant,

but never really liked neither taste nor texture. 

And when it rottens away in the fridge

I feel sorry for it, for me, for the untaken forfeit

I still do wrong

but noone says

we think we're grown ups

and don't need guide and guard

social solitude is no key for a time

lived and passed onto others

I came here to look around in awe

pretending to be or becoming an adult

bores my heart, it bores the life out of me.


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