tell me you're not dumb enough to wait for love

silence after laughter
your lungs empty, grasping for reconciling
breath. your body - there a shake
they told the story different!
being brave and unique is the key
for someone just as brave and unique
to stumple upon and chose you.

Time is wiser and harsher

brave is stupidity, unique a madness.

To sell well you must be a good for mass

teaches economy, supply and demand

must meet at equilibrium.

There's no demand for my product and

I charge far too much.


I'm all these heroines mixed in one body

an artificial artefact of mediatric

hypocrisy of what ideal and interesting is.

My wit is fake, self esteem acted.


The  more I commit to fake the realer I could become

but hopefully one day a change is gonna come

Hope is for those sitting in a room

folding their hands together, practising magic thoughts.

It's a joke. My handshake is firm, my glance steady,

now that I have your attention allow me to implode

and unfold the main character of my skeletton

vulnerable and fucking broken bones.

I'm only half as strong and double as scared

as what I pretend to be

I'm strong when alone

and insecure when in company.

My love's been raped and mutilated

a hundred times before, and you think

you can safe it? I've burnt all

the remains already but the

traces are my limbs.


please you're not dumb enough to wait for a saviour

or love, it was just a joke.

Calm down.

Now tilt your head back and laugh

laugh as loud as your lungs permit,

do not anticipate for the....



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    Rehan (Samstag, 29 Dezember 2012 15:54)

    <a href="">Garbo Laughs</a>

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    Masticating Juicer (Freitag, 26 April 2013 20:48)

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