run away while you can

I want to love you always
and admire you when you're brave
by taking the slimy bit out of the sink
or smiling at strangers without restraint
by grabbing my hand when we cross a street
or standing up to me when I am mad.
loving you always is not a question of time
one day we'll die or grow apart
but as long as you're here, and kinda mine
I want to love you with all my heart.

Oh so you want to be sarcastic when I ask you how you feel
a mhm is enough to close that emo-talking deal
well, I have to disappoint you I want a little more than that
one syllable is not enough to have a "I want to love you always" -chat.
Screw this, screw you, why did I ever wanted two?!
stupid hormones, stupid love, screw everything but the screw!
tighten up my mind and be rational you silly brain
and in opposite to you logics will be back to me one day!


I will not love you always

see, my heart ain't tight

but time has proven things

letting go when it ain't right

caring and sharing is all that is

confusing cause and sympton

won't be healed with a kiss

I untied myself and tighten the loose

and I'll be very careful, next time I choose.

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