a world with no fit

My heart beats so fast I can see my chest pounding
it rattles in a rhythme and won't stop when I please
it cries in high tones but the lower are sounding
in struggle it breathes, in agony I freeze
we are all born crazy, but I sought to be plain
to be free and let go and maybe loved on day
you ask for my borders, the birth, the skin, or tongue
see this new body, which is used, and never young
I have seen so many, like you before you were
playing filthy truths, always failing the good dare
the skies above are fake, and so is this old word
my poem is this life seen through a lense which is blurred
go on. catch this; yes my heart's hurting when it speaks
it's hard to stop when playing strong, but truly feeling weak
it pounds and it sounds, it pumps the wounds all around
rarely ever stopping, there's no end to be found
I wished it'll stop this grotesque and aching game
happiness is a myth, and faith in it a shame
but peace orĀ  truth or love don't indulge in global fame
yeah, I was born crazy in a world of ailing plain.

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