brain's a pain

my water has come dirty

as I drunk the last bit

and the floating particles show

here's an image of yourself

I've lost some time

and slept a life

through what I've known

as truth

I lived in rhyme

succumed to drive

the rocky road as shown

is smooth.

I think too much

and met my fears

a thought is foe

and friend alike

Here is my crutch

my seldom tears

in stop'n'go

with your strike.

I caught you in a moment

when you lost yourself in me

I'm nothing but a demon

of love and fear and heat.
yes, I'm afraid, my brain's a twisted knot

and often I'm confused, rarely I am not

I need you friend and lover, to save me from my brain

it catches me in vulnerable and sends me to more pain

but life is good, and you are better, just one more little kiss

so I forget these silly thoughts and believe in what there is.



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