I don't talk about God.

my dear, I weep in sweet memories when you came to me like air

sweet fear, meeting like old enemies we're lovers supposed to share

I'm here, embrace me in your fantasies and let me love your once more


somehow we got seperated and maybe it was me

pushing you away in fear, in agony

in nihil thoughts and pride

you tought me alchemy

and what it wrong and what is right.

you have god's face drawn wihtin your name

there's no doubt you are the truth that I'm trying to obtain

I see them all luring in poses around your shine

adorning their depths with shallow grounds

"look at me, I create" they wrote on signs

they carry infront their chest and it sounds

like they forgot you who pulled us up on our feet

to look beyond what seemed horizon's limiting bounds

as the world does not end where sky and earth meet

and by curiousity we encountered there's so much to be found!

I love you, I dearly do, and now you've left me for so long

I was filled with juvenile pride, and faith I am it all

encountered the drought which will lead to you

this machinery is useless without your divine screw

I am vessel and fuel and almost all that it needs

but to grow and love it'll need your seed.

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    u=27860 (Dienstag, 23 April 2013 11:17)

    I shared this on Facebook! My buddies will really want it!