rainbow saliva

Then again, it was hard to find sleeping peace

with fire underneath those sheet

Hollywood is a cupcake factory

so lovely, but far too sweet.

I drew a rainbow face in memory of myself

as my hands are not skilled enough for shades

and enjoyed the madness when it came upon my throat

scream, yell, swear; my breath was midst a word spree. 

Then again, it was hard to find sleeping peace,

when work is done 

it is done

and I'm only left to play with dried saliva in my mouth. 

I don't have a cat yet, 

well, I doubt I ever will,

but started considering getting a turtle, 

or something else which could be a witness.

We all look for this cupcake

which turns our nights into firy peace

our mouths into rainbows

and the breath into a spree.

I am bad at playing cool

I giggle when I like something

I am sarcastic at times

and when I am angry, I am truly angry. 

Then again, it is hard to find sleeping peace

when I know I'd need a secretary

to record all my thoughts

between now and the moment I start dreaming.


Good night. 




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