D I V (I N) A

(to Cecilia Bartoli)



You’re shaking my heart

I melt away and find myself at your feet

How furiously your lips shiver

Your chest invites me to rest

Hold on here, my beat just stood

For a brief moment I felt heaven came upon me

And loaded its weight into my veins

I would not dare to breathe just for you to breathe

Enough to inhale and exhale so you feed us with your

Tender and celestial tone


You’re shaking my heart



brava divina da capo



(here the lyrics and translation)

Armatae face, et anguibus

A caeco regno squallido

Furoris sociae barbari

Furiae venite ad nos

Morte flagello, stragibus

Vindictam tanti funeris

Irata nostra pectora

Duces docete vos


Armed with fire and serpents

From the dark and dreadful kingdom

You mad, savage companions

Furies come to us

With death the lash, and havoc

Teach us to avenge

the death of our leader

With our enraged feelings)

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    Timberland Boat Scarpe (Freitag, 28 September 2012 10:51)

    Applicare alle scarpe Timberland disegno esclusivo due diversi, questo è relativamente nuovo.