fair play.

This time I won't catch the ball

I see it's perfect shape

and bright colour

flying towards me.

But I won't catch it.

Sweaty hands and trembling feet, 

I don't stand on the right position.

It might hit me on the head,

or pass through my slippery fingers,

I know I won't catch it. 

As we played you and me, 

we passed the ball to each other, 

at times it was a perfect play

of give and take.

But you hit hard or to slow or not in my direction,

and I won't catch it. 

Not this time. 

We lost the game, 

and I don't know if it is because of me, or you.

Eventually it won't matter, 

the results speak for themselves.

A lost game this season doesn't make us losers.

Let's change strategy.


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    Anton (Mittwoch, 26 September 2012 08:10)

    THX for info

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    Timberland Scarpes (Freitag, 28 September 2012 10:50)

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