I Am a Dreamer but I am Not Asleep

I am known for having very strong oppinions and my way to deal with people who care... lets say "less". Less about the general injustice towards the majority of our planet. 

I have a problem with those, who believe that they have been given a natural higher right to be where they are. I have a problem with those who believe that I am a dreamer and being a dreamer is something bad. 


People who strongly believe war is something necessary because it is the way it is, yes, realistically seen this is how the world rocks right now. But that doens't mean it must be rational. Because it is not. 

It is not rational that we are told and forced to vote for political leaders who voluntarily put our nation and grandchildren into danger, who will spend our savings, misuse our taxes and send our youth to war. I disagree with those who say that history has shown that victory is for the ones who fight, because this is wrong and incorrect and very simply said just false. History has shown nothing. History neither in short or long term has shown who the true "winners" are. Ottoman Empire, Persian Empire, Chinese Empire, British Empire or even Roman Empire, all these historical winners ... well... are historical. 


Being a dreamer or idealist does not mean I sit around in my room and play the Ukulele 24/7 even though I would like to. Being an idealist does not mean that I am scared of the world outside, the Real World, and its scary inhabitants. Being a dreamer does not mean that I reject to understand current rules and status quo. It means that i do BELIEVE that change is possible, that I BELIEVE in the power of good work and better ideas. I BELIEVE that nothing comes out of nothing, and good emerges of good, as bad emerges out of bad. I believe that the more we are working hard day by day with hands and tongue and good faith; the more likely will we accomplish our goal of a better world.


I am tired of people trying to wake me up. Only because of people who believe that they can change the world, the world has been a more bearable place. 


We were born with rights and responsibilities. I had the rights/priviledge of a childhood, clean nature, parents, friends, exquisite education and a very loud voice. In turn to say thank you to the world and the universe and my parents I'll take my responsibilities to help those with less priviledges. This is how it SHOULD be. This is how I make my dream come true. 


I am a Dreamer but I am not asleep. 

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    Rehan (Freitag, 20 Januar 2012 04:05)

    Speak because your lips are free
    Speak because you have a tongue
    Because your golden body belongs to you
    Because you are still alive
    See how in the blacksmith's shop
    The flame burns wild, the iron glows red;
    The locks open their jaws,
    And every chain begins to break.
    Speak because now is long enough
    Before the death of the body and the tongue
    Speak because the truth still lives
    Speak and say what you have to

    (Faiz Ahmed Faiz. 'Bol' ['Speak']).

    George Fromby. 'With My Little Ukelele In My Hand' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZYFXUg4aLc

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    MartiEn' (Freitag, 28 September 2012 03:23)

    Great info, thanks

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    MBT Chapa (Freitag, 28 September 2012 10:41)

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    Masticating Juicer (Donnerstag, 18 April 2013 21:09)

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