We Are Better than Magic

A boomerang would have honoured my encounter with time and space

I came back, I came to tell you, I am back, I am here to strengthen your back

I have left where I was and came where you are to leave a trace

For what I came I still don’t know but here I am with wings on my face


For the sake of the blurring noise in my throat I released a sound familiar to your name

I’ve left the skies to be with you but when you’re around they just look the same

It’s this noise in my throat worrying me that I broke my wings and might fall again

It gurgled and fought with my pride, I can’t tell, I am back for you! Heavens, this is hell.


I remember well, I used to be surrounded by golden light and magic

And then when least expected it turns into greyish night and tragic

That magic is only for believers and dreamers but not for the ones who live

That I certainly am alive and have only one heart to give


So here we stand igniting the lights which illuminate our ways

But for the sake of mystery blowing every other out

We are better than magic, do you hear what I say?

As long as we keep the track and won’t let our hearts be filled with doubt.







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