Hommage to Life.

For I will remember those who gave unconditional love

For I will forgive those who forgot to love for a few moments

For I will forget those who forgave themselves while forgetting what should be remembered.


For my love which is harsh and rough at times 

For my anger which is soothed by reason

For my reason which is removed by passion.


For the truth and the lies which are painful at times

For the shelter and the storm which are good when needed

For the need we forget when we only seek wants.


For the man sitting by a pyramid pointing to heaven and saying that we are children of the stars

For the man sitting in a pub pointing to nowhere and saying that nothing is enduring

For the man sitting on the street pointing at me at saying happy birthday.


For a life I wish I could live but will never do

For the impossible I have never believed in

For the hope of infinite craving.


For the life which is much better in dreams

And the life which makes it hard to believe it is real

For what we call deserts and oceans and their reflection of the skies.


For the grain of sand I am

For the drop in the ocean you are

For the stardust we'll be born and die in.



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    MBT M Walk Women (Freitag, 28 September 2012 10:41)

    Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) di un'invenzione svizzera KarlMuller ingegnere, durante una visita in Corea, ha trovato camminare a piedi nudi nelle risaie alleviato il suo dolore alla schiena.