when you surprise me

I did not expect you

to do anything.

I'm good at giving people a hard time

and I like it at occasions.

Pushing to the limit 

just to regret it as we touch the abyss.

I've chosen my abyss and did not choose you.

And now you've chosen to leave.

I just wanted to let you know,

I learned a lot from you.

And a small little part of me,

hoped you might love me. 

But then again,

I am a tiny tightrope dancer. 

And maybe a small little part of me, 

expected you,

to wait down there when I'll fall one more time

and catch me instead of the ground. 

You surprise me when you speak like I wanted you to speak

but you don't say the words I wished you have said.

Little boy my tiny old boy,

I wish we could dance together and suprise each other.

I expect nothing from you,

only a small part of me wishes some tiny little love. 


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