what remembers

walking can be painful,

when I feel I should stay.

that I know my feet remember,

all paths I  have taken 

and sometimes I wish I didn't.


I have been too lazy,

procrastination as a constant companion.

but the sitting trained my bum,

just in case I fall again. 


Words are my play

lips my actors

my tongue the stage

I wish they'd had a good memory

so it would be easier to say sorry sometimes.

And I wish it'll be worse,

so i'll forget your kisses.


I have one big muscle,

scattered, scarred, scared.

I wish it could forget,

more than it can remember.


And there's the original one,


the master of y'all,

oh pretty mollusk, 

witty, gritty, bitty, shitty brain.

Please stop thinking.


thank you.




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    MartyDee (Freitag, 20 Juli 2012 03:28)

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