...When I first saw you...

I am having a good great exquisite time.

This was in Austin before going to the FunFunFunFest.

we saw: Sugar and Gold, of Montreal, Yeasayer, Ratatat, Crystal Castles, Kid Sister, Winter un Alaska, Red Sparows, Ssion, Buraka Som Sistema, Why?, Health, Broadcast and so many many more, I possibly don't remember.

So this week is still my project to find a place where I can build up my event.

erm... Weird things happen in Austin.

Thanks to los Moustaches, Beauty Bar and Frozen Yoghurt. I love Froyo. I loooove.





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    nancy (Mittwoch, 11 November 2009 02:42)

    das bild ist so geil

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    Ladis (Samstag, 29 September 2012 14:47)

    will be restored shortly