cukoo clocks are not swiss. but the tick ticking me off, is. my swissness.

Still, I am not sure, how I'm going to keep this Blog.

I don't want to hold it in loads of foreign tongues - I think what I am going to miss the most will be the german language. Yes. Sweetest sounds of oldfashioned and zynic poetry. I don't know if I am going to miss the Swiss. My exquisite sore throat, my tortured ear, I passed the las ten years making fun of you, you special, rare and hidious rattle. Swiss People always get upset when I say it, it's like their weak spot. Setting the weak spot on the tongue has something really beautiful and special, I love the swisssound. And I love the mentality of the constant inferiority complex. Even when I appear as a German opportunist, switching from sound to tongue to idiom to roots which I never had, I loved being here.

All these special, alpinisticious experiences and cheesy images I will never get tired of.

After these heavy rain showers in the middle of june, like a golden sunray, illuminating the capital of good ol' Switzerland, the Bundeshaus lights up, like a mystical building of some ancient times we knew from fairytales - and suddenly the people standing on the top of the Berne University start aaahing and oooohing, because Switzerland is on her best behaviour - an enormous rainbow created itself over the complete city - pretending being the most beautiful and cheesy cheese cover Switzerland has ever seen. So, I don't think that it's a coincidence that the word cheese, appears in the word cheesy - and that the soil I am up to leave for a long time now is famous for it's cheese.


Good cheese, good chocolate, great people.

all seen in Switzerland.



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    Timberland Scarpe (Freitag, 28 September 2012 10:51)

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    u=137747 (Dienstag, 30 April 2013 00:39)

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